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Patient intelligence

DBPi is your partner for innovative, global data sourcing and smart data interpretation. Our digital toolbox allows us to generate and connect high-quality data from different sources for your decision-making needs such as survey and PRO data, especially if you are looking to increase the voice of under-represented and minority populations in your research. If you are looking to integrate the patient’s voice into your daily business, look no further!

Patient Engagement and Community Services

Our partnerships with digital patient communities across therapeutic areas enables us to

  • Identify your target audience and build relationships
  • Leverage our relationships to help you understand your target market, unmet needs, and expectations to the therapies in your pipeline
  • Develop engaging stories for your market access strategy

Impactful scientific research

Building collaboration not only with patients, but also with motivated medical and scientific experts around the globe, we initiate and deliver meaningful research that uncovers patient journeys, treatment pathways, preferences and perspectives that will help you strategize and demonstrate scientific leadership through peer-reviewed contributors to prestigious journals and conferences.


Demonstrate Value

Augment your Market Access activities with value-demonstrating data sourced directly from your target patient populations. Be it HTA, price negotiations, or value-based pricing – ensuring that your preparation will help you achieve your target results.





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We build bridges

Through our partnerships with KOLs around the globe, listening to the needs and perspectives of patients and patient organizations, including through digital community platforms, and working closely with technology enablers in other fields, we offer you an unprecedented level of access to insights from patients across the world.


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We partner and innovate

We have a proven track record of generating the solutions our partners need – our strategy of building fair, trustworthy, and eye-level scientific collaboration fosters innovation and helps us to reach our goals together.


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We understand your industry

Founded by physicians and business leaders with decades of experience from within the healthcare, biopharma, and clinical R&D industries, we know exactly what you look for and what moves your needle.


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dbp-i services in 90 seconds

With our approach, we can help you to generate data fit for purpose in prospective, customized patient engagement projects. Our video showcases the powerful impact we’re making and how we can help your organization thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

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We generate mission-critical, global real world patient insights for our customers, through partnerships and eye-level collaboration between patients, communities, Pharma and the medical research community.

Our people

We are a team of experienced Clinical Research and Real World Evidence Professionals and Experts for Digital Communication and Engagement.

We take end-to-end responsibility for successful global project planning and execution, adapting proven digital strategies to generate “tailor-made” real-world insights that you need across your entire product lifecycle.

Our Expertise

  • Fostering collaboration of patients, physicians, and industry partners
  • Global digital Patient Engagement and Process Digitalization in healthcare research
  • Generating Real-World Evidence on patient journeys and experience, preferences and unmet needs, disease and treatment landscapes, and much more
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Our Expertise ranges across therapeutic areas including Oncology, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Immunology, Infectious Diseases incl. Covid-19, and Psychological diseases