Daniel Chapple

Welcome to the team, Daniel!

We are pleased to announce that Daniel Chapple has joined our team at DontBePatient as Chief Business Officer.

Having gained a doctorate at Guys Hospital London, Daniel became a post-doctoral…

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dbp-i services in 90 seconds

We’re thrilled to present an insightful video that highlights how DontBePatient is revolutionizing the Pharma industry.

With our approach, we can help you to generate data fit for purpose in…

prostate cancer from the patients perspective
Henning Semat
Dr. Nils Drews and Dr. Henning Sievert at ESMO Congress 2022
Nicolay Bohlen

Welcome to the team, Nico!

We are happy to welcome Nicolay Bohlen to the DBPI’s partner company, BuildingBridges team.

After his training as office administrator, Nico quickly switched to the technical area at the company…

Zülal Yumusak

Welcome to the team, Zülal!

We can’t be happier and are exited to introduce Zülal Yumusak as the good-hearted soul of DBPI’s non-profit partner company, ‘BuildingBridges’.

With her interdisciplinary academic background in Digital Media (Universität…

Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2022 in San Francisco
New DontBePatient Intelligence GmbH office at Steinstr. 27, Hamburg
Ruchi Duggal
Patient talks to female doctor
Annette Sauer
Dr. Henning Sievert
ASCO-GU-2022 presentation of Prostate Cancer survey
Nurse with iPad
Cervical Cancer ribbon with hands