Video: Insights from Prostate Cancer Patients

Watch this video to listen to Prof. Alicia Morgans from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who discusses results from our Prostate Cancer online survey that she presented during the ASCO GU 2022.


This patient voice survey enables the generation of detailed, representative real-world evidence, offering new systematic insights into how the patients feel, what their unmet needs are, how and where they access information on their disease and therapeutic options, and what they experience during their individual disease and treatment journeys.

We were able to demonstrate relevant differences between the three participating countries – the US, the UK, and Germany – and disease stage, in terms of screening programs and diagnosis of the disease as well as treatment strategies, e.g. the use of active surveillance.

We will follow up soon with further reporting on the quality of life of patients and how this is being impacted by the patients treatment experience. If you want to learn more about this research, please make sure to fill out the contact form on this screen!

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