Welcome to the team, Annette!

Annette, it’s so great to have you with us, you mean a lot to our team!

Annette Sauer

Annette joined DontBePatient as a Project manager in May 2021 as one of our very first team members.

After receiving a degree as Magister Artium in romance studies, she started her career as a project manager with IIR Germany, before moving into the clinical research industry in 2004. She worked for 12 years in the clinical research site network kfgn as central study coordinator with key responsibilities including study preparation, project planning and performance analysis of ongoing trials. Her recent experience before joining DBPI involves managing recruitment projects for global clinical trials and patient survey projects at Clariness for the past 4.5 years. Altogether, she has gained many years of experience as a project manager in the clinical research and pharmaceutical industry environment.

At DBPI, Annette is contributing her experience to successfully manage and deliver our scientific and patient-driven research and development projects in cooperation with the different partners of the healthcare system – pharmaceutical industry, academic and public institutions.

Being a German native, Annette is fluent in German, English, and French with an intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish.

It is colleagues at work who make the day feel less stressful and fill a bit of fun at work. Thank you for being one of those!