Welcome to the team, Henning Semat!

Henning SematWe are very happy to welcome Henning Semat to our team at DontBePatient.

After graduating with a Master of Arts degree in history and sociology, he started his professional career as an e-commerce manager at a multi-channel furniture shop.

In 2010, Henning joined Clariness, a global clinical trial patient recruitment provider, where he was initially responsible for building the online marketing department and contributed a lot to the growth of the company. He took over additional responsibilities such as designing patient pre-screeners and implementing patient online surveys as a new service for the customers. As Head of Patient Team, he was also in charge for operational reporting and analysis.

Henning will take care of data management and analysis as well as online marketing topics to make a strong impact on DontBePatient’s mission to deliver innovative, global patient data sourcing and smart data interpretation.