Welcome to the team, Henning!

We are happy to welcome Dr. Henning Sievert to our team at DontBePatient.

Dr. Henning Sievert

Henning has a strong scientific background in Molecular Life Sciences, with a PhD from the University of Hamburg awarded for his work at the University Cancer Center Hamburg, creating a mouse model and identifying protein-protein interaction networks for a protein modification pathway relevant in many physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms, including CML and Glioblastoma.

After leaving academia, Henning has worked in various roles within the clinical research and biopharma industry, most recently as the real-world evidence manager of AstraZeneca Germany’s Oncology Medical Affairs division.

Starting today, Henning will contribute his experience in medical and clinical research and his insider knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to our scientific collaborative projects, aiming to highlight and amplify the patients’ voice, with a strong desire for creating equitable opportunities to contribute for all patients including minorities and other disadvantaged populations.

We’re excited to see our team attract talented researchers and grow to develop more research opportunities into collaborative, patient-driven studies that help us make a positive impact on healthcare and develop new and better treatment options for everyone!

Thank you for being one of those!