Welcome to the team, Zülal!

We can’t be happier and are exited to introduce Zülal Yumusak as the good-hearted soul of DBPI’s non-profit partner company, ‘BuildingBridges’.

Zülal Yumusak

With her interdisciplinary academic background in Digital Media (Universität Bremen) and Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies (Universtät zu Lübeck), she takes on tasks from the technical, managerial, and communication fields.

As a work-student, Zülal has gained experience in various industries before joining BuildingBridges in Dec’2020.

Since then, Zülal has been working on the development of a digital patient platform, from conceptualization to functionalities, to addressing and engaging the cancer community. Driven by the vision to create a place of empowerment for vulnerable groups and to build bridges between all the involved parties in the healthcare sector, she will continue to work in cooperation with DBPI and in line with the digital world to find solutions that bring research, industry, and patients to the same table.

She herself sees this project as a matter of the heart and looks forward to reporting on the next milestones achieved.

Being a Turkish native who is born and brought up in Germany, Zülal is fluent in Turkish, German, and English with a basic level of proficiency in Spanish.