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COVID-19 Monitoring- & Sentinel-Concept Study “Perspektive 21”

Since the beginning of the current pandemic situation, governments across the globe struggled with striking a balance between application of appropriate safety measures and enable activities of our previously normal everyday life.

As a member of the consortium behind the “Perspektive 21” project, DontBePatient contributes to a scientific project lead by the Institute for General Medicine at the University Hospital Halle-Wittenberg and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the German federal state Saxony-Anhalt. This project aims to establish structures that enable monitoring of COVID-19 infection rates from the testing numbers and result data collected by the state’s almost 1,000 schools and ensure that schools can offer in-classroom teaching where possible, and that at the same time measures can be quickly identified and implemented as needed to limit increased incidence of COVID-19 to levels that are manageable for the local healthcare facilities. In addition to its primary objective, the Perspektive 21 initiative enables the cost-effective collection of insights and survey data from schools, pupils, teachers, and parents, regarding their wellbeing and personal burden during the pandemic. Such data especially on the wellbeing of children has not previously been available and will contribute to the minimization of health risks as well as psychological burden to children and their parents.

Additional sub-initiatives that can be cost-effectively executed utilizing these newly established structures and processes are currently being planned, such as assessing the possibility of using a small number of “sentinel schools” and fast PCR-based batch testing to reach a similar or better level of sensitivity at lower cost and reduced burden on the schools.

More information on the project and reported results at [German]