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Welcome to the team, Nico!

We are happy to welcome Nicolay Bohlen to the DBPI’s partner company, ‘Building Bridges’ team.

After his training as office administrator, Nico quickly switched to the technical area at the company WHP-Hosting, as he quickly became bored with accounting. After various further training courses in Linux-based system administration, he worked for the customer support and for the support of the hosting systems within this company.

In 2007, Nico started his own business in web hosting and later expanded the portfolio to include web development, mainly based on the programming languages HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, Ajax and MySQL/MariaDB.

Nico was already involved in various projects as front-end developer (freelancer) before joining the team of Building Bridges.

With the increasing need for development work on our online platforms, the step to bring Nico into our team was the logical consequence.

Being a German native, Nico is fluent in German with an intermediate level of proficiency in English.

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