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How we create benefit

With our highly standardized approach we target, qualify and engage patients globally and in various languages.

  • Indication-Agnostic,
  • Highly targeted to regions, cities or quarters and to population criteria
  • Data collection tailored to your needs
  • In cooperation with stakeholders from patient and academic organisations
  • Resulting in data reports, publications, congress-abstracts, and public information displays



What we do

This process flow is the basic process our projects are following. The core-element is the digital survey tool and the ability to use it in different scenarios – one-time surveys, longitudinal data collection, intensified research panels.




DontBePatient process flow
DontBePatient workflow - img for mobile devices




DBP has been working since 2017 to help health care stakeholders see everything with patients’ eyes – we call this “True patient centricity”. This approach enables you to bring patient voice into your decision making and evidence generation strategy and process.

In a phase, where more focus is on clinical trial diversity, we can provide insights regarding experiences, expectations and attitudes from patients of your target group, enabling you to build convincing strategies.


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