Prostate Cancer from the patients’ perspective


In 2021, a diverse team from patient organizations, physicians and prostate cancer specialists, and AAA, a company developing new treatment options for patients with prostate cancer, set out to tackle the objective of finding innovative ways that help patients better deal with their disease and improve their care and outcomes.

As their first action, the group decided that better, scientifically valid insights were needed that represent the opinions of patients, and that will help us identify the most important aspects in the experiences and challenges which patients diagnosed with this disease currently face.

Here is the latest interview by Alicia Morgans (Harvard Medical School & Dana Farber Institute) where she describes our joint project and collaboration.

To collect these insights, we designed and conducted an online survey for patients and their caregivers, starting in 3 countries. Thousands of patients answered the questions in our survey, so that the data collected there can now be analyzed and used to find and improve the most pressing unmet needs of prostate cancer patients.

We want to use this page to provide some insights into the results, as a gesture of our intent to give back to the community that supported this work. Thanks to all the patients that donated their time and answered our questions! We hope that you will find the information in these infographics interesting.




Surveys from 3 countries1

Surveys - USA, Germany, UK




Total numbers of visitors on the survey website


Total participants completing all survey questions

70 years

Average age of survey participants


Participants who live in an urban city residence

41 min

Average time each participant spent completing the survey


Average number of questions answerd by each participant 




Total number of participants





Disease and Treatment Experience

Diagnosed disease stage of participants*1


Diagnosis non metastatic


Diagnosis Metastatic



* We have asked survey participants about the way they were diagnosed with prostate cancer: Through a routine health or cancer-specific screening such as a PSA test, due to symptoms such as pain that lead to perform diagnostic procedures, or by chance during the treatment of a disease other than cancer, such as benign prostate hyperplasia.



How many therapies have patients used (on average)?1

therapies non metastatic

therapies metastatic



Active surveillance as treatment strategy1

Active surveillance as treatment strategy by country



Which treatment believe patients to be very or somewhat effacious?1

treatment options

Learn more about different treatment options from tackle or ZERO.
Learn more about ongoing clinical trials from AAA

Reference: 1. Alicia K. Morgans et al., DOI 10.1200/JCO.2022.40.6_suppl.016, Journal of Clinical Oncology 40, no. 6_suppl (February 20, 2022) 16-16.



This project has been planned with the help of the following people

prostatecancer uk

Active surveillance as treatment strategy by country

zero the end of prostate cancer

europa uomo

prostatecancer research uk

bundesverband prostatakrebsselbsthilfe

alicia k. morgans, md, mph - Boston, ma

queens university belfast

Uniklinik Köln


Funded by Novartis

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